Make a Move

Prescott–Granite Dells There is a lot of history to be learned about the Granite Dells area of Prescott.  There is a lot of new happening here too!  But, let’s first talk about the history. And, we are talking ancient history! The Granite Dells’ formation is said to have occurred in

Superstition–East Valley Next to the Grand Canyon, the Superstition Mountains are the most photographed and painted landscape of Arizona.  Surrounded by the natural beauty of the desert and filled with history, the East Valley of metro-Phoenix crown jewel is the Superstition Mountains. Federally designated as the Superstition Wilderness Area, this

Down-Size? Right-Size! Whether you’re looking to move into a smaller home or simply letting go of owning your current home and want more flexibility, renting in a community like The Havenly can be a great move! Empty nesters often talk about down-sizing but in reality it’s a lot more about

Relocating to Arizona? Arizona remains an attractive destination for those looking to relocate whether for work, quality of life or retirement.  Known for being the home of one of the Seven Wonders, the spectacular Grand Canyon, the variety of terrain formed by the Colorado River, Rocky Mountains and the Sonoran