Prescott--Granite Dells

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There is a lot of history to be learned about the Granite Dells area of Prescott.  There is a lot of new happening here too!  But, let’s first talk about the history.

And, we are talking ancient history! The Granite Dells’ formation is said to have occurred in the Precambrian Era.  I had to look this up, it was a 4,000 million-year period that took place some 1.4 billion years ago during which many things happened including the formation of Earth!  Evolutionists noted the end of this era by a Cambrian Explosion!  Big Bang is what this is commonly known as. 

In more recent history, say 9,000 years ago, the early ancestors of the Yavapai “people of the sun”, Sinagua and other tribes lived here.

Fast-forward to the mid-19th century when Spanish explorers, gold rush “49ers”, silver miners and other pioneers chose to settle in the area.  The Granite Dells, originally homesteaded by Thomas Wing and called “Point of Rocks” was cultivated into a family farm with fruit trees and grapevines whose bounty was sold at the family fruit stand.  The “Indian Swimming Pool” of Watson Lake became a popular swimming hole The area attracted locals and visitors alike.

During Abraham Lincoln’s presidency the town of Prescott, named after historian William Hickling Prescott, was formally founded to secure the great mineral riches for the Union army during the Civil War.  The Arizona Territory was part of the nation’s western expansion and Prescott served as the capital for a number of years until Tucson and then Phoenix out-developed it and the state’s legislative seat shifted to the larger cities.

The U.S. Cavalry had a tactical base in Prescott, Fort Whipple which still stands today although through the years, particularly in the mid-20th century it served to support more medical-focused needs than military.

Prescott today is a growing and thriving community with a draw for both those looking for a weekend getaway and those looking for a more permanent place to call home.  The beauty of the forests, granite dells, lakes and average summer temperatures in the 80’s/average winter temperatures in the 50’s bring great appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. 

Prescott truly has something for everyone.  Arts/culture, shopping, restaurants, outdoor activities galore!

The Granite Dells, one of the most beautiful areas in Prescott, with its unique rock formations and peaceful waters of Watson Lake.

Bringing The Havenly to Prescott seemed only natural.  Ready to consider a new home in Prescott?